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  • Q36.5 Q36.5 Unique Road Shoes - Mango
  • Q36.5 Q36.5 Unique Road Shoes - Mango
  • Q36.5 Q36.5 Unique Road Shoes - Mango
  • Q36.5 Q36.5 Unique Road Shoes - Mango
  • Q36.5 Q36.5 Unique Road Shoes - Mango
  • Q36.5 Q36.5 Unique Road Shoes - Mango
  • Q36.5 Q36.5 Unique Road Shoes - Mango
  • Q36.5 Q36.5 Unique Road Shoes - Mango
  • Q36.5 Q36.5 Unique Road Shoes - Mango

Q36.5 Unique Road Shoes - Mango

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The first body-mapped cycling shoes for road cycling. All our experience and knowledge obtained from our in-depth body mapping studies have been garnered to engineer a shoe that offers a novel fit.

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The first body-mapped cycling shoes for road cycling.

The idea of the UNIQUE Shoes was born in the heart of the Dolomites, developed by a network of specialists in the sports shoe field. We are lucky to live in a unique area where sports are extremely popular, thus we have a rich source of expertise in both design and production of outdoor, mountaineering, climbing, ski, cross-country and trail running sport shoes and booties. We have amalgamated all this expertise to help us design a truly unique cycling shoe that compliments Q36.5’s image and our extreme vision of cycling.

All our experience and knowledge obtained from our in-depth body mapping studies have been garnered to engineer a shoe that offers a novel fit. The UNIQUE Road Shoes offer the perfect balance between support, comfort and breathability.

Our goal is to achieve the best comfort possible for you during your ride. Each of our Made in Italy products uses exclusive high quality fabrics. Our UNIQUE Shoes design and production are the outcome of our continuous innovative research, following sustainable best practices.

The outsole is created with a special mix of Full Carbon fiber and a vertebral column geometry (inspired by biomimetic engineering) that optimizes stiffness along the sole thus eliminating any excess material. The upper is a new one-piece construction without the common shoe tongue: it fits you like a sock and is created by using a single piece of microfiber and new proprietary three dimensional fabric.

Weight : 250 gr. in size 42.

When : Four seasons.


Our quest for the perfect cycling shoe began with the development of the ideal last. After analyzing data from many pairs of feet, we also collected personal experience from a variety of athletes regarding their likes and dislikes of the shoes they have ridden with. Additionally, a thorough study was conducted on foot dynamics analyzing the optimal curvature for the best power output while minimizing fatigue.

These efforts, combined with our experience as serious cyclists who share an enthusiasm for cycling shoes, gave us a precise basis for constructing the last. We are proud that members of our Development Team are experienced performance shoe pattern makers who were able to translate our vision into reality: the proprietary Q36.5 Last. Q36.5 Last is a modern vision of a cycling shoe last; the heel, the waist girth and the instep are very snug and precisely contour the feet, the toe box is comfortable and better follows the dynamic of the foot during the pedal strokes.


Using our combined knowledge and expertise in chamois development, Q36.5 and Elastic Interface® have created a proprietary innovation. We are incorporating the elastic, lightweight and supportive high density foam commonly used in chamois inserts into a new, comfortable footbed. This adaptable and supportive footbed works as a memory foam for your foot. The footbed absorbs microvibrations from the road, thus increases comfort on long-distance rides.

The UNIQUE footbed, compared not only to standard cycling footbeds but also to made-to-measure orthotics, ensures 10% less pressure on the insole, when calculated on the highest peak of pressure.


The upper, is a new one-piece construction without the common shoe tongue. It fits your foot like a sock and is created by using a single piece of natural microfiber. This resilient proprietary fabric is highly breathable and works like a ventilator for the middle part of the foot. It also prevents pressure points thanks to the novel closure system.

The upper comfortably wraps the foot with its body mapping construction that includes a mix of ventilation areas. Only one millimeter thick, the microfiber is extremely breathable and prevents overheating. We have introduced reinforcements within the upper to create support and adequate rigidity, particularly in the area of the sole arch.


We selected and developed a specific microfiber for the upper part of the shoe that is only 1mm thick. Breathable and with minimal mechanical elasticity, it forms individually to the specific shape of the foot of the wearer. We use microfiber because we believe breathability is key, and most common PU uppers can not offer this degree of breathability.


For our latest avant-garde shoe, Q36.5 were intent on selecting a market leading fit solution that works in unison with our UNIQUE Shoe’s sock construction design, to enable ultimate performance. We therefore chose to partner with the innovative BOA® Fit System. BOA® have worked closely with the Development Team at Q36.5 to help carefully select the components and expertly configure the shoe to achieve a perfect wrapping of the foot, eliminating the pressure points experienced with traditional lacing systems. Our common goal: to create the best fit, functionality and end-user performance.

The UNIQUE Shoes are equipped with BOA®’s newest and most innovative Li2 dial platform. Li2 is the ultimate solution for a fast, effortless, precision fit which is also lightweight and low profile with unparalleled durability against shock and abrasion. It is also micro adjustable in both directions for fast and intuitive adjustment on the go. Q36.5 chose to utilise the benefits of a two dial configuration, which allows maximum user control.

The first zone activated by the top BOA® dial guarantees a more even pressure distribution on the instep, enabled by a frictionless plastic guide. The bottom BOA® dial activates the forefoot zone, which utilises three BOA® textile guides to support perfect volume control. This performance focused configuration, matched with a ground-breaking upper design and bottom package, comes together to create a truly unique cycling shoe.


The core of the upper is invisible but powerful!

Inside the upper we have devised a support system to maximize the power transfer to the pedal by wrapping the instep. The upper is lined with a thermoplastic material that is molded for a snug fit while, at the same time, is reinforcing the microfiber within the upper. The Power Wrap Support surrounds the instep and holds the foot in place, providing ergogenic aid during the pedal stroke and insuring zero wattage waste.


The outsole is created with a special mix of aerospace carbon fiber and a vertebral column geometry that optimizes stiffness along the sole thus eliminating any excess material

In particular, the special design creates a rebound effect that helps to reduce muscle fatigue and gives ergogenic aid during the pedal stroke.

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